Take a look at what our successful learners, satisfied teachers and proud parents have had to say about our educational courses and support.
I no longer struggle with my studies and worry whether I‘ll remember all my notes in the exams. I am able to recall just about everything in the exams.
Sandile (Grade 9)

My child in grade 7 has definitely benefited from the junior study skills programme. I have noticed an improvement in his writing skills. Furthermore, he has become more confident in his studies.

The Create Your Own Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes Books has really encouraged my grade three daughter to read. She looks forward to creating her own books. She is very proud of the books she has created so far. I have noticed that her vocabulary has improved. I have no hesitation in recommending this programme to anyone. I received my CD shortly after paying for it. You are welcome to obtain my telephone number from the Study Centre.
Zipho Zulu

I am an educator and have taught the Study Centre’s Study Skills course to my learner. I have noticed a tremendous improvement in their results. By learning the various techniques, they have become more motivated and confident with regards to their studies. In addition, many of the learners have reported to me that they now find studying a lot easier and less stressful.
Mrs S. Pillay

I used to get over 80% in aths last year (grade 9) but in grade 10, my average marks in Maths have dropped to below 45%. However, the Maths programme has helped me climb up to just over 70%…
Naeem (Grade 10)

When I don’t understand a section in class, I simply go through the Maths CD when I get home. With the aid of the explanatory notes in the CD, I understand what I was not able to follow in class…
Elton (Grade 12)