Enrichment Kit

He who opens a school door, closes a prison.

– Victor Hugo

Information for two of our courses are presented below: School & University Enrichment Kit and English (Grades 8 – 12) programme.

1. School & University Enrichment Kit

a. Create Fairy Tale and Nursery Rhyme Books [Grades RR – 3]

The aim of this CD is to involve your child in the story rather than he/she just reading it, or the story being read to him/her.

  • Inculcates a love for reading from a young age
  • Sets the foundation for high literacy levels in English
  • Builds strong comprehension skills
  • Paves the way for an extensive vocabulary
  • Good writing and creative skills are developed
  • Enhances picture and word co-ordination ability
  • Helps to provide cutting and pasting skills
  • Colouring skills are sharpened
  • Prevents boredom from just reading or being read to (because learners feel that they are actually participating in the story)
  • Saves money by allowing you to print your own colouring books
  • Provides a solid foundation to enable your child to excel at primary, secondary schools and beyond
  • Allows you to begin setting up a home library for your child and even for your grandchildren
  • Provides hours of fun and learning
  • Covers over 200 fairy tales and over 110 nursery rhymes
  • Two versions available: an interactive version and a read-only version
  • The interactive version has spaces between paragraphs for learners to stick pictures – more than 1100 relevant pictures provided in over 100 categories such as animals, fairies, queens, fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters etc. Both colour and black and white pictures are provided
  • Colour pictures can be converted to black and white and back to colour
  • Allows you to print your own colouring books
  • The size of the pictures can be adjusted
  • The books can be personalised by your child pasting pictures of him/herself as the main or other characters in the stories
  • Each interactive fairy tale has a table in which learners can enter new words with their meanings (with the help of educators or parents)
  • At the end of each interactive fairy tale, there are five simple questions – answers to the questions are provided
  • The read-only version appears without the spaces for educators/parents to print and read to the learners (this version saves paper)
  • Enables your child to create his/her own fairy tale and nursery rhyme books
  • Allows your child to design his/her own cover for the books

b. Junior Study Skills Programme & Learning Style Profiler [Grades 4 – 7]

It’s important for learners to acquire good study habits and effective study skills from an early age to avoid incorrect and ineffective study techniques being developed. The Junior Study Skills Programme will help young learners achieve this goal.

  • Teaches effective study techniques
  • Prevents bad study habits from being formed and corrects poor study methods
  • Makes learning fun
  • Introduces learners to time management
  • Encourages learners to take studies seriously and to study daily
  • Instils self-confidence
  • Inspires learners to do their homework diligently
  • Promotes structured and organised learning
  • Promotes use of memory techniques; eliminates learning by heart
  • Encourages reading and sharpens reading skills
  • Develops writing skills
  • Makes studying easier
  • Provides tips on preparing for and writing tests and exams
  • Ensures better grades
  • Prepares learners for high school
  • User-friendly and attractively presented
  • Written in an easy-to-understand language
  • Contains numerous activities and exercises
  • Only parents have access to the answers

c. Senior Study Skills Programme & Learning Style Profiler [Grade 8 to Post-Matric]

There is a general consensus among all stakeholders in the education sector that study skills are vital for success in studies. This is because of the volume and complexity of material that learners are confronted with. And it does not matter whether the learners are at primary, secondary or tertiary levels, developing correct study skills are invaluable.

Furthermore, experts agree that study skills are not just a set of skills for studying; it is a set of life skills that not only adequately prepares students to cope with studies but also for the job market. Study skills empower learners and our study materials are the most comprehensive in the country.

  • Teaches learners powerful study skills and techniques
  • Motivates them to study
  • Instills confidence, especially with regard to studying
  • Teaches them time management skills and introduces them to time management tools
  • Ensures that they produce improved grades
  • Makes studying easier and more pleasant
  • Shows them how to learn more in less time; reduces study time
  • Prevents them from forgetting what they have learnt
  • Secures stress-free and panic-free studying
  • Prepares them for matric and post-matric studies
  • Includes a number of exercises with answers
  • Written in point form for easier reading and understanding of the material
  • It is, in essence, a ‘how to’ reference manual to which reference will be made throughout a person’s studies
  • Extremely user-friendly

d. Career Planning with Brain Profiler to Select a Suitable Career Path [Grade 8 – Post-Matric]

The need for career guidance is now more critical than it has ever been. With thousands of careers to choose from in the 21st century, how do secondary school learners navigate their way through this maze? Phrases such as ‘career planning’, ‘career guidance’, ‘career choice’ and ‘career development’ only add to the confusion and make selecting a suitable career an almost impossible task.

It is well known that even when learners have reached matric, they still do not know what career they would like to follow. For this reason they make a rushed decision and simply register for a programme or course that they think they like or that their friends persuaded them to register for. They have not considered what career the particular degree/diploma will prepare them for; what the scope is for such a career in the job market or what can they expect to earn.

Making choices about careers can be difficult especially if learners are unaware or unclear about their options. With Fundisa World it doesn’t have to be this way. All they need is a little help in getting started. To make a successful transition from school to work, it is important that learners start to think about what they want to do and how to obtain information and guidance on the multitude of career options at an early age.

Did You Know?

The failure and dropout rate at tertiary level is over 50% and the two main reasons for this (besides socio-economic reasons) are the selection of inappropriate or unsuitable careers and the lack of effective study skills.

  • A software package titled ‘Left/Right Brain Dominant Profiler’ (identifies which side of the brain is dominant and, as a result, which careers will suit the respondent learner)
  • An e-book called ‘Career Planning’
  • An e-book on ‘Job Hunting’ that describes over 150 careers including trades