Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

– John Dewey

About Fundisa World

Fundisa World is an educational brand that has been successfully developed and trademarked by Evolution Marketing. Evolution Marketing has affiliated with various well-recognised educational institutions in order to bring forth the best educational products and services to our customers.

The cornerstone of Fundisa is to provide exclusive educational products and services to learners of all ages. Through Fundisa, we at Evolution Marketing have engaged our focus on ultimately improving the educational standards in South Africa by offering a variety of educational products and services to our clientele.

Success Rate

The products have thus far proven to be absolutely successful, assisting parents, teachers and, most importantly learners of all ages in the manner in which they study, improving grades and overall performance at school and tertiary institutions.

Sentiments on our testimonials page is only a glimpse of the positive feedback we’ve received.